How it all started...

Grace Point Church started in November 1992 as a mission of Castle Hills First Baptist Church with a vision to reach the growing population of San Antonio. Since then, Grace Point Church has experienced God's blessings through steady growth and significant influence in the city of San Antonio.

In the summer of 2014, Grace Point opened a second location on San Antonio's far west side, near 1604 W and Shanefield Rd. Grace Point West provided the same live worship and teaching as Grace Point Medical Center with worship leaders and pastors rotating between the two campuses on varied schedules. The West campus launched as their own stand-alone church in the fall of 2022 as Great Oaks Fellowship.

Grace Point Church's influence is realized through exchanged lives, baptisms, student ministry, nationally-recognized children’s ministry, life groups, and local and global missions. Grace Point's staff and members are committed to a comfortable, lifestyle evangelism—an ongoing pursuit of leading common people into uncommon life in Jesus.

Identity and Beliefs

Grace Point exists to lead common people into uncommon life in Jesus. We do this by connecting people to Jesus and the church, by living in community, and by empowering people to pursue their calling. At Grace Point we strive to make Jesus and His Gospel our main focus by loving God, loving others, and loving our city and the world.

Grace Point is a church that desires to see the city of San Antonio changed, lives restored by the truth of God’s grace and love in the Gospel of Jesus Christ by being a community centered on the mission of Jesus to make disciples or as we say leading common people into uncommon life in Jesus. To find out more about us you can read about our mission below or visit us at one of our campus on Sunday.

Our Mission
and Strategy

Our Mission:
We exist to lead common people into uncommon life in Jesus.
Our Strategy: 




CONNECT—Get connected
We all have the opportunity to exchange our lives for the life of Christ. When we do,  we're connected to God in a powerful way. we want to help everyone understand their new identity  in Christ and how it connects with everyday life.
COMMUNITY—Engage in community
We aren't meant to face life's challenges and celebrate life's joys on our own--we need each other.  A significant part of uncommon life in Jesus is to build relationships and grow together. Therefore we encourage every person to engage in biblical community.
CALLING—Pursue your calling
All of us have a part to play in the story God is telling. How has He gifted you?Where is He inviting you to serve? We believe that everyone can answer those questions and find a place to live out the calling God has given you.

Our CORE Values

Grace Point's CORE values are visible in our community and shape the way we minister, serve and encourage one another.

Fully Present, Fully Embodied
Everyone is in need of repentance on some level all of the time
This is Home
Go the extra mile
Mind the Gap
People over Process
Celebrate the win
Progress not Perfection

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