COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions


When will we reopen?
The date to reopen is dependent on many factors. These include stay-at-home expiration dates, new operating requirements, the number of families who will attend, and other variables. Our hope is to reopen as soon as possible, but we must and will consider all factors when making such a critical decision.

How will parents be notified when reopening, and how much notice will be given?
We will contact you via email and phone if we do not hear back from the email. We hope to be able to notify at least 2 weeks prior to our reopen date. Please ensure that we have you most updated contact information.

Is it possible the childcare will reopen before the stay-at-home mandate is lifted?
Currently, we do not have enough enrollment to support our program if we open prior to these orders being lifted.

Can we reopen for essential workers?
We want to do everything we can to support our families with first responders, healthcare workers, and other essential employees. Unfortunately, Medical Center has not been able to remain open due to low enrollment, even with essential workers. Our West campus does remain open and has availability.

What will we do to keep the daycare safe when the facility reopens?

Health Screening & Temperature Checks
In order to ensure that our daycare community stays healthy, we will screen everyone who
enters the building. We ask that anyone exhibiting any signs of illness stay home and not enter our school at all. Those who come to the door will be asked a few simple health questions such as:
- Have you come in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19?
- Is there anyone in your home showing signs of illness?
A member of our staff will visually inspect for any signs of illness such as shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, tiredness, flushed cheeks, rash, runny nose, etc. Finally, a member of our staff will take your child’s temperature with a forehead thermometer. Anyone with a fever of 100.4 will be asked to leave and stay home for 72 hours. Temperature checks for all staff and children will be repeated several times throughout the day.
Drop-off and Pick-up
A member of our staff will greet families outside the front doors. After the Health Screening described above, our staff will escort your child to their classroom. Currently, parents are not permitted inside the building in order to minimize the spread of germs. If possible, we ask that you identify one guardian or authorized pick-up person to be the consistent caregiver to always drop-off and pick-up your child.
Limited Visitors to the School
For the duration of the current health crisis, we must limit visitors into our facility. Only staff, and certain pre-approved essential service providers like early intervention specialist and social workers providing services to children with special needs will be allowed in classrooms, and only after successfully clearing the Health and Temperature Screenings. All vendors and deliveries will not be allowed past the front entryway.
Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitizing Protocols
Teachers and staff will be cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day, paying particularly attention to high-touch areas such as doorknobs, toilet flushers, faucets, countertops, and phone handles. Shared toys such as sensory bins will be removed for the time being, and no toys or stuffed animals brought from home. Toys will be sanitized throughout the day and at the end of every day. All bedding will kept separate, individually stored, and washed at least weekly. Prior to the daycare reopening, and then nightly, professional cleaning will be completed using EPA approved disinfecting products. We have a professional sanitizer that we will use in the evening times after hours.
We will provide all food for the children. No outside food will be permitting into the building.
COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Attendance Acknowledgment & Disclosure form
All parents and staff will sign a disclosure form prior to reopening.
Other procedures
As we evaluate our progressing situation, additional procedures will be put in place prior to reopening.

What will be done to ensure our staff and facility are safe before re-opening?
Prior to reopening, we will be performing pre-opening procedures to include professional cleaning and disinfecting as well as a full inspection of the premises for any maintenance needs. Our janitorial providers will continue nightly cleaning procedures that include disinfecting with EPA approved products.

Our staff will be trained on the latest health and safety procedures we have in place to reflect the most recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as from local, state and federal authorities. These procedures include enhanced cleaning throughout the day, guidance on social distancing strategies with children, and tools for protecting themselves and the children in their care from spreading germs. Staff will adhere to the same health screening and temperature checks as the children in attendance. Staff will also receive training from educational experts that focus on the social, emotional and understanding the brain during times of COVID-19.

If there are cases of COVID-19 after you reopen, what will you do?
In the event that there is a case of COVID-19, we will notify local health officials and follow their guidance. We will notify families of any cases as well, and share the guidance given by local health officials. We will be prepared to close when necessary to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19. The duration of closure will be at the guidance of local health officials.
Click here to download a PDF version of this information. 

If the childcare facility re-opens but a child doesn’t immediately return, will their spot be held? Will there be a fee to hold their spot?

We will not be able to hold spots without a fee if a child does not return when a space is available. Once we let you know we are reopening, you will need to respond to us to schedule your start date. At that time we will know what the fees are.

Will parents be charged a registration fee when their child returns?

Registration fees are charged 2 times a year; one for fall session in August and one for summer session. If you have already paid your registration fee you will not be charged again.

Will there be other fees?
We will have a supply fee upon reopening due to addition sanitizing and safety regulations with COVID-19. We will keep this fee as minimal as possible.

Will Part time enrollment and Drop-ins still be available?
Upon reopening, full time enrollment will be the priority. Drop-ins will not always be available. This is because we will need to staff accordingly to meet the health and safety guidelines that have increased. Every effort will be made to keep the same children in the same classes as much as possible.

Will teachers be brought back, and will they return all at once?
Our intent is to bring our teachers back once our enrollment can support the program, and teachers feel comfortable returning. We will follow the state ratio guidelines as well as the CDC childcare guidelines for health, safety and class sizes. We will not reopen at full capacity, therefore we will not bring all our teachers back at the same time.

When can parents pick up personal items left at the daycare?
You are welcome to email and arrange a time to pick up any of your child’s personal items.

If Medical Center re-opens and public schools remain closed, will assistance be offered for school-age children doing distance learning? Do you have internet access so they can access their coursework?
Yes. We are able to assist your child with online schoolwork. Currently our West campus is open with school age children who are doing online schoolwork.

Will children return to the same classroom they were in when the daycare closed? Will they have the same teacher?
Consistency is very important to us and teacher placement will depend on which classrooms open. However, our hope is to return your child to the same classroom with the same teacher, and we will strive for as much consistency as possible. This will be decided based on who returns (child/teacher) when we reopen. As always, we will do our best to meet each child’s individual needs.

Will there be a graduation ceremony for Preschoolers?
While we hoped circumstances around COVID-19 would not eliminate the opportunity to celebrate our graduates, we will continue to follow the CDC’s guidance for gatherings. Therefore, we will not be having a graduation.
We hope that this information has been helpful to you. If you have, additional questions please feel free to email