Our Mission  & strategy

Leading common people into uncommon life in Jesus

Our Mission

We exist to lead common people into uncommon life in Jesus.
That means: all of us are welcome and all of us can discover uncommon life--the kind of life that is only found in Jesus.

Our Strategy

CONNECT—Get connected
COMMUNITY—Engage in community
CALLING—Pursue your calling

Our Mission Measures

The uncommon life in Jesus calls us to build intentional relationships and live out the grace lifestyle that God has appropriated to us. Every mission partner (member) is encouraged to: pray for those they know who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; share a verbal witness of God's grace by sharing their own salvation (their "One") story; and invite their friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers to church.
The uncommon life in Jesus compels every Christian to strive to become a committed follower of Jesus, growing spiritually in an intimate relationship with Jesus. We pursue this increasing intimacy with God through relationships, accountability, and spiritual disciplines. Our Life Groups provide Bible study, fellowship, accountability, and opportunities to put our faith into action. In the context of community and authentic relationships, we pursue an uncommon life in Jesus.
The uncommon life in Jesus commissions every member of our church to know and utilize their God-given spiritual gifts. The Bible tells us that every Christian has a unique place of ministry within the body of Christ and we desire to help you discover an area where you can exercise your spiritual gifts for God within a servant group of people who have similar gifts and passion for service.
The uncommon life in Jesus changes our "want to's" and propels followers of Jesus to give systematically, sacrificially and proportionately as an act of worship and as a tangible expression of our love for God. Cheerful giving is a great way to demonstrate we are "all in."
The uncommon life in Jesus calls us to participate in God's mission to take the message of God's love to people all around the world. We accomplish this through missions endeavors in San Antonio (local) and global mission trips. Grace Point members are encouraged to be actively involved each year in local missions and participate at least once every five years in global missions.