Global Mission Trips

Piedras Negras, Mexico

A trip for singles and families focused on partnering with our Red Bowl Partner Paulino Esquivel at Casa Hogar Bethesda and CrossRoads Missions Mexico. We will serve mentally & physically disabled adults, feed migrants, and spend time evangelizing.  

McAllen, Texas

Join us as we partner with World Gospel Missions in McAllen, TX to share the gospel.  This family-friendly trip will spend time evangelizing on the downtown streets, joining in sports ministry, & working in their clothing pantry.

Harlingen, Texas

Bring your family to serve with Red Bowl Partner, Pastor Ben Butler. We will support  Way of the Cross outreach efforts along the Texas-Mexico border, which will include sharing your story with others.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Share the gospel with our brothers & sisters in South Africa. The team will work alongside Red Bowl Partner, Pastor Willie Dengler. Ministry opportunities include prison ministry, youth camp, VBS, visiting squatter camps, community outreach feedings, and feeding local orphans.

Yadgiri, India

November 12-23, 2023
Join our Red Bowl Missionary Partners, Rob & Joany Wills
as they lead a team to India.  They will explain the support we provide to Grace Orphanage and local community.
Trip Cost: 3200 


Share the Gospel and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Brazil. Encourage and support Pastor Daniel Camaforte in evangelism and service to youth and homeless. Ministry opportunities include youth and sports ministries and VBS.